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Versatile Psalmist 143.0

The Cross And The Crossing

There is a point within this life into which you may now cross

Where you become the disciple; you are no longer the boss,

It is a place of His truth and exists when you leave this old lie

That you are the king of everything, you can no longer deny.

There is a crossing that you make to the cross of the Lord

Broken, defeated and dejected; you lay down your sword,

Pouring out your heart to the One who was here long ago

Getting a new start as His brother and are no longer His foe.

You allow, by faith, His power to make you over from within

You are still tempted by your former mentor, the man of sin,

You must deny your flesh daily and now live a life of contrition

Such is the walk of the holy saint in this newness of condition.

Do not expect the world to applaud, you are now an enemy

There are places you must rebuke when they say, follow me,

Crossing back over now to the secularism would be a travesty

Much better to wait on your divine reward from His majesty.

This short poem cannot capture all you need to know, but look

He has left you with instructions within His holy Bible, THE book,

Do not worry about what you leave behind or count it now a loss

You gain eternity with the One who has created thee, at the cross!

Written by Gary Cox 03/06/ God be the glory

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