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Versatile Psalmist 141.0

A Crown Of Glory

O Lord, help me to bridle my tongue and not speak in vain

Help me to be silent and not play the part of the fool again,

O Lord, guard my two eyes that I may not allow evil to enter

Let my gaze be firmly fixed on Your words of life whenever.

O Lord, help my feet to not go where they may cause a fall

I am just a man You made from the clay of the Earth after all,

O Lord, help my two hands to be quick to pray and to give aid

Assist me in being merciful with all of creation You have made.

O Lord, help my thoughts to not wander into a deep valley

Where shadows of doubt creep in and to torment me madly,

O Lord, help me use my time to gain glory in sync with You

May all of my intentions and interventions be holy and true.

Lord, help me to remember that it is now acceptable to smile

But in a way that is purely of joyfulness, with no deceit or guile,

Lord, help me to remember that if my fingers sometimes point

I should repent immediately and at Your cross of shame anoint.

Lord, help my knees have the ability and willingness to bend

Remind me that to the orphan and the widow, I am a friend,

Lord, help my bed to be comfortable and to gain peaceful sleep

In the morning rise up to meet You and my promises still keep.

So that when this life of toil and trial draws at last to its close

A crown of glory and a wonderful story with me thus follows.


Written by Gary Cox 03/01/ God be the glory

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