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Versatile Psalmist 138.0

Finish The Race

My days of wandering about the Earth are many, I write

My days of wondering what then is this life and its delight?

My days of walking to and fro, a journey to the unknown

The sights that I have seen paint a tapestry to me shown.

All throughout this journey was found the hand of destiny

The Alpha and the Omega created these events to mold me,

I played my part, even if at times it was to rebel and delay

From my heart, there was a tugging that never went away.

I stayed in harbors of seeming comfort that were not mine

I played in houses of pleasure, imbibed much beer and wine,

The days were counted and the years of my youth flew by

The ways of sloth mounted; by myself was left high and dry.

I cried out to the Lord and He answered my cries of despair

I have waited for this day; you will find I was always there,

Journey along now and you will find your home in Missouri

Keep along the narrow path and with your life follow Me!

He is still perfecting those events which are concerning me

I am still reflecting upon the future and all that it shall be,

I will walk at times again in the midst of trials and trouble

If I forsake not the faith, within His word, He pays double.

I will continue to praise the Lord, who is a strong shield

I will wear His armor whenever I am at battle in the field,

To be gathered ever near Him; seeing Him face to face

An eternal crown of life to be won for finishing the race.

Written by Gary Cox 02/20/ God be the glory

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