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Versatile Psalmist 137.0

Sounding The Alarm

In the garden of temptation, surrounded by all manner of delight

Here where we stand or fall as soldiers of the Lord, the good fight,

Of the propaganda of the mainstream media, do we babble on?

Or do we believe the end of the Book, when all idolatry is gone?

Have you ever danced your dirge to the uncouth of your youth?

Are you dismayed at the role you played, a fool as was the rule?

Did you make of your life a snowflake, taking pause of the laws?

Have you had your fill of the serpent’s quill, and rendering it nill?

That mask that you wear, will it defend you on the judgment day?

O sheeple, are you truly so asleep as not to notice sharp shears?

The enemy has announced his plans in Georgia upon the stones

Yield to his will and mark this day, your soul he eternally owns.

There is a way of escape in the Lamb who now is a lion and king

All neutrality and mediocrity is no longer a camouflaged thing,

Tick tock strikes the clocks as Armageddon is now counting down

Will you rise with Him to heaven, escaping the chaos all around?

Written by Gary Cox 02/18/2021 to God be the glory

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