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Versatile Psalmist 135.0

The Winding Road

O Lord, help me to be not like an idol made of human hands

Let me be as You are, one who truly cares and understands,

O Lord, help my mouth to speak words that bring new life

Let me be silent when my speech would cause others strife.

O Lord, help my hands to be about the business of gathering

Let me keep away from the gossips and those busy bodying,

O Lord, help my ears to hear a praise of joy from the creation

Let me imagine songbirds singing Your laws as a proclamation.

O Lord, let me not worship anything made here by a machine

Help the fabric of my spirit to be so strong, mature and clean,

O Lord, help me remember that the time is a valuable resource

Help my life to be navigated in a way so I am staying on course.

O Lord, now let my imagination not be fixed upon anything vain

Help me to be a healer and an example of overcoming the pain,

O Lord, help my tongue to only speak with joy from Your word

Help me to fly away from the face of idolatry, as a hummingbird.

O Lord, let me continue to understand that the sunrise is a gift

Help me to give to it my best and brightest, not utilizing thrift,

O Lord, let me at night find the rest of the blessed, in Your will

Help me to stay upon the narrow path to return to You, until…

Written by Gary Cox 02/18/ God be the glory

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