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Versatile Psalmist 133.0

A New Lease On Life

O how precious and priceless to dwell together in unity

Each piece of the puzzle completing the image perfectly,

To hear the sound of the birds singing while a river runs

We shall be blessed to be called the daughters and sons.

Here in the fallen state of a world destined to brightly burn

We can imagine this serenity of souls, but not fully discern,

To be fully immersed in a community not cursed is like bliss

Thus plowing your field, a future yield with a crop sun kissed.

The poets and the dreamers have written of a future utopia

The pundits and schemers are smitten with painful dystopia,

The question of the ages will be written on the pages of gold

To whom did you yield and to whom was your soul then sold?

Peace, peace, they say in public and then make corrupt deals

I wonder how the true Prince of Peace reacts and thus feels,

When all is said and done, there shall be One checking facts

Of your life, I hope you are pleased with how He then reacts.

I hope to break bread with you then; to repose and reminisce

Living in unity within a community, when not a thing is amiss,

As far as it up to you, do you dwell here in harmony and peace?

Put your faith in the Lord, strike a new chord and a new lease!

Written by Gary Cox 02/10/ God be the glory

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