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Versatile Psalmist 130.0

A New Name

I wait and I wait, for the Lord has a timetable all His own

He will bring a harvest in my life from seeds I have sown,

I cry and I cry, and yet true justice still seems so far away

I fly and I fly, at the sound of the trumpet upon that day.

O what a day that will be when I am free from all iniquity

No more delay will see, His face will I love for all eternity,

Redeemed at last, from the terror, the suffering and shame

It all seemed so fast, He has given me a place and a name.

For now, I hope that the words of the prophets are true

Somehow, making use of my time here is what I must do,

I lay down at night in anticipation of the light that comes

What a joyful sight, to see a new garden with many mums.

O Israel, you will be remade anew and never again a slave

You will be the centerpiece that the Lord to us once gave,

A pity, a pity will be those who are rejected upon that day

A city, a city, home to me; as we enter in and never go away!

Written by Gary Cox 02/02/ God be the glory

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