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Versatile Psalmist 128.0

Finish The Race

In younger years, I cried so many tears with my life and I know

I faced my fears; am married to a happy wife who loves me so,

I was foolish enough to believe that people were a certain size

It is within the spirit being that true value resides, I now realize.

The glory belongs alone to the Lord, for truly I was a blind man

This story of a poet that soared is not about me, I understand,

My wife makes so many plans to bring our family grace and glee

She puts others before herself and most especially of all is me.

There is bread to make a Panini, baked potatoes and broccoli

There is no dread before we bed and instead have chemistry,

There are future adventures; despite the weather, life is good

I would rewind the clock and do this over again, if I truly could.

For those out there who are single, do you seek the Lord first?

Be careful with whom you mingle, the drink of which you thirst,

Don’t inhabit modern day Sodom as did Abraham’s nephew Lot

Some spirits are fragrant as flowers while others a chamber pot.

Do you have reverence for the Lord, while obeying His commands?

Be as he who practices charitable giving and one, who understands,

In the kingdom that is to come, He has prepared for you a place

Stay upon the narrow path and in a great victory, finish the race!

Written by Gary Cox 01/27/ God be the glory

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