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Versatile Psalmist 125.0

The Life Raft

Be my buckler, O My Lord, and with Your power deflect

Be my bridge, O Lord, and the way to eternal life connect,

Be my radar, so that I see in advance the enemy aircraft

When I abandon ship via the world system, be my life raft.

Be my surety, when all other forms of commerce do fail

Be my next breathe, O my Lord, and the one that I exhale,

Be my musician and the melody to captivate my heart

Be my navigator, guiding me on the helm and the chart.

Be my new beginning after the storms of life blow through

Help me see my priorities and help me do what I must do,

O Lord, be the One who delays my trip and be the reason

That I avoided a wreck and via obedience I was a pleasing.

Help me be the one who does not need to get the last word

Help me to be silent when discussion is fruitless and absurd,

Help me to keep perspective, knowing the time and the place

That You shall bring me home, being blessed to see Your face!

Written by Gary Cox 01/23/ God be the glory

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