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Versatile Psalmist 120.0

Taming The Tongue

Here is a true story and a riddle that I present now to you

With these words, one may decipher what there is to do,

I have been in a battle of wills my whole life with a member

It vexes me all throughout the year, even during December.

This fight is not with a gigantic Goliath, but listen up carefully

In moments of strong emotion, I sometimes set my foe free,

Oh, the damage is sometimes done in a few moments of time

The airwaves and the ears of others are the scene of the crime.

When silence and walking away would have served me better

I let loose my mighty enemy without restraint or even a fetter,

To make matters, this twister makes full use of programming

Speaking things that if said in a court of law would be damning.

The ultimate victory will not be until we are both transformed

My spirit will have reached the limit and be eternally reformed,

Listen up to my poetry readers who are classified as the young

The name of this foe likes to be stuck out and it is your tongue.

Be vigilant and study the Lord’s words to be eternally approved

Until this tiniest of temper’s tantrums are triumphantly removed!

Written by Gary Cox 01/06/ God be the glory

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