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Versatile Psalmist 114.0

The Great Denial

Have you departed metaphoric Egypt and the mighty Nile?

It is full of idolatry and of the Truth, there can be no denial,

Does your cloth mask protect you like the media describes?

Do you drink their litany of lies like a drunkard who imbibes?

Is it possible that after your DNA is permanently changed?

You are cast out from the Lord Jesus and forever estranged?

I cry out now as a modern may Moses, O let my people go

There are many who would rule as a modern day Pharoah.

Can you not see that a rhinovirus was once called a cold?

We ate chicken noodle soup in the care of a momma bold,

After a few days, our immune systems thus waged its war

We felt refreshed and life went back to what it was before.

Have the mighty magicians of Egypt created a crafty spell?

So the majority of the masses, their souls shall they now sell,

Do you think that the Jews who were loaded onto rail cars?

Regretted giving up their guns to the men with the shiny stars?

How much freedom will need to be taken away until you care?

Has the light of liberty been extinguished in people everywhere?

I cry out now to the Lord God almighty to lend His strong hand

Purging the fallen ones from the delusion growing in the land!

Written by Gary Cox 12/23/ God be the glory

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