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Versatile Psalmist 110.0

Har Megiddo

O vanity of vanities, who are these thus militarily assembled?

Will they gain an eternal kingdom and be ever remembered?

They rattle their sabers, showing their teeth in a gory display

Believing they will destroy the One who is the called The Way.

Why are billions of birds of prey gathered there in the sky?

Will the armies defeat the King who is now called Adonai?

The news media has coverage and will be on every device

The ratings will be the best ever and won’t that be so nice!

The machinery is whirring and the leader has a staff twirling

Is the beast and armies from the East assembled in the valley?

The crowds of the marked are embarked on a mission of pomp

Cheering for a cause that they inwardly loathe so very badly.

The sun has been eclipsed by the tools from the fallen ones

The moon shines with a ruby hue, bolstering all the minions,

There once was a book to describe this event, now destroyed

History shall be rewritten with all of the technology deployed.

Suddenly, there is a blackout and no one knows why the cause

No one dares to speak a word and on the stage, there is a pause,

The clouds break open and the brightest light on Earth ever seen

Angels are dressed in robes of white with white steeds so clean.

The King, arrayed in battle armor, issues a word of holy decree

“Gather the remnant to a place, faraway and there wait on Me!”

The last of the heavenly band flies away amid the bleats of panic

The enemy is scrambling to hide in the rocks, the mood is manic.

“You dared to follow this serpent, this accuser and ancient foe

Let me show you what true power feels like so you may know!”

For the next moments of time, opened many fissures and powers

Raining down death and destruction for what seemed like hours.

The beast and the false prophet, however were granted no death

Michael put these two into a cage, until there were no bodies left,

“Now, let Hell open her mouth and receive two coals of My fire

You two will never perish and shall burn as long as I shall desire!”

Thus shall it be on the plain that is called in Hebrew Har Megiddo

May these words from Revelation be true and may it be ever so!

Written by Gary Cox 12/09/ God be the glory

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