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Versatile Psalmist 109.0

Can You Hear The Thunder?

O Lord, let those who practice evil receive a recompense

Let me loudly proclaim these words, not being on the fence,

Let those who glory in the taking of a life for bold pleasure

Be now aborted out of Your kingdom, no mercy or measure.

Let those who make merry at the crying of newborn babes

Be cast into a place of suffering darker than hidden caves,

May those who monthly raise rents, creating homelessness

Be cast down to Sheol, a place with pain and hopelessness.

Let those who devise ways to end the labor of the trademen

Labor in vain to escape a reality where suffering never ends,

May the millstones be a witness to those who harmed a child

That your punishment of this offense be not lenient or mild.

May those who devise schemes to trap a smile behind a mask

Be now sent to a place without an exit to complete their task,

May the merciful live to see a day in which the violent do pay

Swimming in a cesspool of fiery magma all throughout the day.

May those reading these words be sure to be found in THE Book

Having a new name and to never know what it is to be forsook,

May those who scoff and laugh at my words and poetic verses

Feel the full fury of Your wrath and suffer the greatest of curses!

Written by Gary Cox 12/09/2020...to God be the glory

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