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Versatile Psalmist 105.0

Give Unto Each Day

Do you walk in holiness even when the culture is shaken?

Do you desire the Lord above all and like Enoch are taken?

You have you faith to believe when ascending the mount?

Will you obey to the point of death, making your life count?

Will you forgive your older brothers even if sold as a slave?

Will you resist the advances of an adulteress and be brave?

Will you be like Joseph and impart the meaning of dreams?

Will you keep your pantry full before the famine of schemes?

Will you tell pharaoh’s taskmasters that the toil now ends?

Will you follow the Lord to wherever it is that He now sends?

Will you use a staff and a rod or must you wield the scepter?

Do you daily hear His voice; make it your duty to remember?

Are you content to be full of joy, like Jabez who daily prayed?

Not for riches or largesse, but give me enough is what he said,

Were you willing to lead when a vacuum of men was found?

Deborah the judge did just that and in Israel peace did abound.

Are you a mother to many children and indeed are now a tribe?

Do you walk about soberly or from the medicine jar so imbibe?

Do you give to each day your measure and whatever is the best?

Trust in the Lord like these Bible heroes, may you ever be blessed.

Written by Gary Cox 11/24/ God be the glory

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