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The Summer Sun Is Calling

The summer sun is calling out to everyone, are we at the beach?

I can see my son waxing his surfboard, are the waves out of reach?

There are countless tourists, but the purists have their hideaways

There are many fishers and well-wishers, so I escape to the quays.

There are the tunes of the bands, summersaults and handstands

Is there anyone alive who knows the meaning and understands?

For a moment, those who are in the know make this life happy so

Snorkeling and scuba diving are thriving in the spectacle and flow.

There were fireworks and bonfires that burned until the morning

The thermometer rises and there are many surprises for a borning,

The pages of the calendar turn and soon students must learn anew

A season has closed; those who supposed this would last are few.

The wealthy have returned from the Hamptons and the Seychelles

The healthy have learned how to rejuvenate and live this life well,

I bid adieu to the summer sun and to everyone else I give my salute

A solstice has come and gone and by the season we still compute!

Written by Gary Cox 03/20/ God be the glory

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