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The Riddle In The Middle

I am feeling a bit groovy and you cannot lose me

Because I have already been found

In a moment of serendipity, if you will excuse me

My chains broken, no longer bound

What is the riddle in the middle of this rhyme?

Stay tuned if you are still at a loss

Who is this that paid for my sins and my crime?

The world crucified Him at the cross

Is this just a Jewish fable written for the feeble?

A collection of anecdotes and mythology

Will He return to be reunited with all of the people?

Is there a true source of this anthology?

Stay tuned, my friend, for this is surely THE question

We ponder in our souls when all alone

I can this say with all certainty and again will mention

That we will give an account at His throne

Written by Gary Cox 12/29/ God be the glory

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