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The Princess Meets Gary The Goat

The Princess Zoe was outside picking wild flowers

Unaware of the time and not counting the hours,

The pony was away on a venture of her very own

It was getting late and it was time to come home.

When the princess heard a shout and a loud cry

And then abject giggling and echoes of oh my…

A white goat was turning in circles all around

Then he shouted, Oh My; falling to the ground.

The princess walked over to where he was lying

Noticed that the goat was laughing and crying,

Who are you, asked the princess of the land?

Please get up and I shall help you then to stand.

I am Gary the goat and I came to eat the grass

The kind that makes me to laugh, my sassafras,

You must be a Billy goat, come now, let us hurry

I have to get home so my parents do not worry.

I am a rare breed of an animal, I am a silly goat

And I was thus looking for my friend, Marti Tote,

I promised her that we would grow laughing grass

Making silly jokes to help mundane time to pass.

Zoe and Gary went to the castle to spend the night

They set out to find Marti at daybreaks first light,

They set out on the road called Deeper Meaning

Which connected to the path of Spiritual Healing.

There is Miss Marti and she is riding her Belgian Mare

The most majestic of steeds that is found anywhere,

So they both waited for Marti Tote’s riding to be done

They gleefully waved to Marti and then shouted as one.

Hello there, Mr. Gary, are you here to complete the task?

I think I have the seeds to grow a field of laughing grass,

Why don’t you take them and plant them within a field?

And see what kind of grass these special seeds will yield.

And later that year of mirth, much to everyone’s surprise

Was a field of green grass telling jokes after the sunrise,

They were always in good taste and provided pure fun

These quips never offending, harming or hurting anyone.

And so Gary, Marti and Zoe would plan a party to meet

Taking the medicine of laughter from this special treat,

They remained good friends to the ends and ever after

Sharing in their love, their joy and in their silly laughter!

Written by Gary Cox in God be the glory

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