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The Journey Continues

When the masses of humanity are asleep in their bed at night

The poets are awake, expounding on these dreams as we write,

We are not in charge of our time as the inspiration is released

Until our words are on a page, our other activities have ceased.

For those who make their living with power tools in their hands

These verses are a foolishness that no one truly understands,

For some, their poetry is a calling and a special sort of therapy

I am blessed by the ideas and the idioms that flow out from me.

If you see me on a given day and my eyes are red and a bit glazed

I was awakened to write a new ballad, please do not be amazed,

The dots, jots and electronic dashes can transport you to a place

Where wonder and whimsy still lives and that time cannot erase.

I have no special training, but there is no restraining the Poet’s pen

I give all of the glory to my Savior, Lord Jesus, and let me say again,

The best of my poetry flows from a fountain that I cannot now see

I hope that we get to meet and share our stories within our eternity.

The journey continuously continues even as the end still ensues

I hope that you find some laughs and some jazz to fight the blues,

I am finding that as I age I am a better man for the soulful sifting

I am humbled by the many poems for which I am freely gifting.

I enjoy reading about each of your journeys and share your joy

As a tool to combat the fool, I quickly delete to quietly employ,

I have my own family now and as a result my own garden to tend

I give back whenever I can; but do not overreach or overextend.

We must set limits on what we will give because the beggar will not

But if we give cheerfully to the needy, our deeds will not be forgot,

I tell you this in truth, if I knew that you were coming to Missouri

A song, a meal and a smile would be given to you by my family.

Rivers of life wind around the bend and flow into the salty sea

I hope that someday as mates and friends, you sing with me,

In a daydream, we dance upon a moonbeam; never in a hurry

Pure as ice in the spirit of Christ, we sojourn on the journey.

Flow on and go along now…

Written by Gary Cox 04/15/2019… a work in progress

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