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The Horn Of Plenty

There was a wind that was blowing and the sky was light blue

Many had gathered for the harvest, but the laborers were few,

There was an abundance of the fruit to be used for new wine

You had to empty your basket before this fruit could be refined.

There were some dozily dreaming of many pies and others tarts

Some dallied in their labor, others searched with all their hearts,

Interestingly enough, there was a thirst and flowed many tears

Some gathered for a minute, while others labored many years.

The tired bodies of the gatherers showed the wear of their toil

The most pure of heart wore a seasoned smile mixed with soil,

Some had children who helped them in the field and then sang

Some gathered in solemn solitude, with not a noise or a clang.

Some were full of the Spirit and miracles followed along the way

The season of gathering continued until a trumpet blew one day,

The Lord of the harvest had provided transport for a joyful party

An eternal reward for those who wholly worked and not partly.

Will you be counted among those who used their time in the field?

Spreading soulful seeds of joy, a harvest blessed and one day yield,

There is a horn of plenty within humanity to show love and virtue

Will the Lord have a place for you at the party and remember you?

Written by Gary Cox 01/17/ God be the glory

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