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The Greatest There Is

I am nestled so safely here on this Christmas Eve

Another year passes away and I shall not grieve,

My daughter is dreaming of gifts and is fast asleep

I have a place for her in my heart I will ever keep.

My wife will be home later today and make a meal

My love for here is alive and here in the pavilion I feel,

I am a blessed man who has the opportunity to write

The fresh ideas I hear on the breeze of wind and light.

I am safely home at last after a lifetime of yearning

To trust in the Lord with contentedness and learning,

A John Denver song plays in the background for me

Speaking to the brotherhood of the happy and free.

Can you hear the children singing hymns of utter joy?

Dreaming of time away from school, sleds to deploy,

Do you join in and help build a snowman in the snow?

I hope that the joy of Christmas lives wherever you go!

Some may be travelling today to return to their place

I have arrived a better man and no longer in the chase,

As for me, I will never have to request any token or gift

To be where I am supposed to be is the greatest there is.

Written by Gary Cox 12/24/ God be the glory

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