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The Dance Of The Dolphins

I am floating along like frothy waves upon a tropical beach

I am thinking of a cool beverage infused with a bit of a peach,

The sun is shimmering there and dances among the clouds

I am mesmerized by the ocean and all of its hypnotic sounds.

Do the waves have a beginning and am I surfing at their end?

Are they alive and wonder if I am their protagonist and friend?

If I swim to the edge of the isthmus that is jutting outward?

Will I see the pack of dolphins that are ever playing onward?

In their whistles and squeaks, do they speak words of the sea?

Do they wonder what I am now thinking and am I a mystery?

They move quickly and are now swimming towards the horizon

Will I ever see them and to my imagination be signs and then…

I awaken and now the sun has set under the maritime sky

The moon and the stars are out and I think I hear a lullaby,

O men of the Earth, do you wonder what it is worth to be?

Grateful to be here swimming along in peace and harmony?

I seem to want to sing a song of reply, but patiently I await

I do not desire to interrupt the moment and its curious fate,

The dolphins have returned and I believe that I can now hear

Their songs of jubilee and the words to my spirit are so clear.

We do not build cities, but are communities wherever we go

We drift with the tide and abide in loveliness within the flow,

We count not the time, but in ways most sublime, we dance

Showing our children how to swim in a joyous circumstance.

I silently observe this circling of these athletic mammals

I reflect upon my life and wish I could be as these animals,

I head back to my home and lay my head upon my pillow

I dream of many things including the shoals and the willow.

Whenever I go now to the beach, I go with an expectation

Of hearing these dolphins, their lives and their dedication,

I may not again understand the words from under the moon

But I know whenever I have a moment and none too soon.

I sit on the beach and am sipping my beverage with a peach

Confident that a life spent with the dolphins is not out of reach,

Swimming and playfully skimming among the bright coral reef

Laughing and splashing in a pool of plenty and perfect peace.

Written by Gary Cox in 2019, edited today...

To God be the glory

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