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Princess Bella Awakens

Princess Bella woke up with shouts of horror from a dreary dream

Oh Buttercup, this was the most horrible thing, I let out a scream,

People everywhere were afraid of something they could not see

Being told that you must not sing and dance, only to watch TV.

Hugging was akin to us being told there are no games to play

I am glad that I am awake and hope the nightmare goes away,

Everywhere the hospitals were empty, yet reports of a plague

No one knew exactly what was happening and data was vague.

In this reality, even the leaders appeared to give into the fear

It was given a name that sounded like a calendar in the year,

There was such depression everywhere and all hope was lost

To overcome this paranoia, masks worn to combat the cost.

People were paid to loot and riot, as this was an exemption

Schools, parks and churches were closed, without exception,

O Buttercup, I am so glad to be in the kingdom again with you

Unlike this Orwellian dystopia, we can begin to rejoice anew.

The memory of the nightmare faded, but at times reminded

When fear is not faced with courage, vision becomes blinded,

How it is that data from a book is ignored, but not this tube?

Like Bella, will you awaken and be set free, or just stay a nube?

In Bella’s dream, the inmates ran the asylum, becoming leaders

Adrenochrome was a red fountain, the leaders were the eaters,

I am calling you now to be like Mr. Buttercup and find your voice

You may find if you stay asleep, you will no longer have the choice.

Written by Gary Cox 02/18/ God be the glory

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