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Our Days Of Sheer Delight

I make another mark on the calendar and take a sip

My coffee tickles my tummy and I drink the last drip,

I am here in the pavilion doing what I was born to do

Composing verses and pretty soon a poem shall ensue.

I reflect on each of the people I have met and I pray

It was a turbulent and a wild ride all along the way,

I would have been much more patient, kind and gentle

I would have spent less time boiling like a steam kettle.

With this year of the calendar of Gregory in the books

I long to swim on the lake and go fishing in the brooks,

Our camper at the lake should be completed by spring

I am excited at the adventures and the fun it shall bring.

If it is within the realm of reality and will be a blessing

I pray that the New Year is more serene, less stressing,

I look forward to completing the transcribing the psalms

While giving to those in need both my poetry and alms.

It is a dream of mine to compose a poem that thus instills

A feeling of perfect serenity and free of fact checking shills,

If you get a free moment from time to time, please write

We will exchange our anecdotes of our days of pure delight.

Written by Gary Cox 12/29/ God be the glory

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