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No More Trifling

God gave the law to Moses on the mountain a long time ago

I AM not to be trifled with, He proclaimed with a lot of audio,

The mountain shook and the tribes of Israel worshiped idols

Moses heard the carousing from a long way with no denials.

What have you done, Aaron, and who made this golden calf?

Moses anger wanted lightning to strike the damn beast in half,

The people enticed me to do it, you know they are persistent

We were not sure if you would return and lead this system.

Even after years of wandering around in circles in the desert

Moses eventually lost his temper striking a rock with pressure,

You will not enter the promised land, shepherd of my people

I have prepared a place for you, higher than the tallest steeple.

There are other accounts and what amounts to a future witness

Who will be a thorn in the side of the pharaoh with all chilliness,

There will be two of them and no one now knows their names

Their account is written in Revelation with details and acclaims.

I tell you in truth that I am fearful the day of the Lord will come

Catching the impure of heart in a stupor of living really dumb,

Create in me a heart that is liken to Yours, Jesus, and save me

Forgive me for the times that I have indulged in my carnality.

I do not want to be left behind to deal with the enemy of souls

I do not want to be thrown in the furnace, be burned by coals,

Heal me, Lord Jesus and I am now serious, with no more trifling

Fill me with Your spirit and do not destroy me with Your lightning.

Written by Gary Cox 9/27/2019. To God be the glory!

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