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My Poetic Advice

I heard that you may want to write down a rhyming verse

But are afraid it is not good enough or is perhaps too terse,

Listen up, buttercup, and let me share this news with you

It is unlikely to bring you fame, but if this what you must do.

The satisfaction of writing a litany of poems is a pot of gold

Ever reminiscing about your youth while you daily grow old,

Why should your library not contain a book that you wrote?

It takes courage to put down on paper that which you emote.

Just like recipes that will get better with the passage of time

The juiciest ideas that are birthed will be fruit upon the vine,

If you write only sparsely, the full flavor may never be known

Are the photos like parsley, decorating the pages to be sown?

Lady poet, are you waiting for someone to give you permission?

Take a step out in faith, for I tell you this is your own decision,

Even if you are never called a muse, maestro, bard or an intuit

My best and most blessed advice on writing is simply to do it!

Written by Gary Cox 01/29/ God be the glory

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