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Look At What I Have Got

I loaded up my Buick and set out across the muddy river

I had only my smile, my poetry and my faith to give her,

I took a leap of faith, got married; look what I have got

A loving wife, an adoring daughter and a simple lake lot.

Modern city life ain’t always what it is cracked up to be

I need peace and quiet, a diet of that which is truly free,

A sip of hard cider, a kiss close beside her and my tunes

No alarm clocks, a boat on the docks, lazy afternoons.

A ride in the dirt with a side by side, heading to the lake

A basket of fresh cookies that earlier in the day I baked,

I catch some bass; I think of the lass who loves her man

We fillet and fry the catch of the day; yep, that is my plan.

I only look back to remember the nights laying in the cold

Wandering if I would live another day and ever grow old,

The old life can longer dismay me and I am here with Amy

Loving this life, holding my wife and happy to just be me.

I took a leap of faith, am still married, I like what I have got

A loving wife, an adoring daughter and a day at the lake lot!

Written by Gary Cox 09/23/2020, to God be the glory

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