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Letting Go And Keeping The Faith

There is sound advice in a song about a drifter and a gambler

His words are brief, but true, and Kenny was never a rambler,

In the process of knowing when to hold em and then fold em

Sometimes it is the letting go that is the most difficult to do.

There is a season for gathering; a season made for scattering

It is not always easy to discern the pathway you should take,

There is a time to make a difference and to truly be mattering

This play of the Earth is one in which you should daily partake.

You will get knocked down a time or two, will you stay down?

If you are rocked into your core, will you cry out with a sound?

Lord, give me the strength to make it through this day in peace

May my praise for You be the chorus of a child, one of the least.

Some of you are climbing while others are winding down the hills

Others may now be whining and are only in it seeking the thrills,

Help who you can and know that there is a plan that transcends

Be the one who hopes in the One whose perfect will never ends.

If you are a player, be the one who strums sweetly on six strings

Making melodies that are symphonies worthy of lords and kings,

The ballad has closed and it is supposed that the pages will turn

Have faith that those you let go will find their way and thus learn.

Have faith…

Written by Gary Cox 03/18/ God be the glory

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