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I Am He

I am a disciple of John’s and think of his music whenever

I see a Rocky Mountain and a jet plane flying over Denver,

I am a writer of the speech of the birds that freely fly still

I am an inviter of all the unwritten poems that hide until.

I have been a brother and in another life sang at karaoke

I was not close to my mother; this no longer haunts me,

Of shapes and shadows, I do fellowship with the circles

Of trials and tests, I now find them to be merely hurdles.

I am he who makes many rhymes with my lyrics that connect

I am he, who takes my time without conceits to now reflect,

I am the enigma and the riddle that has been forever solved

By the blood of the Lord Jesus, my sins have been absolved.

I am he who has scribed the fables of the pony and princess

I am he, who as the world would describe it, has no success,

I am he who has survived more crises than a life should know

I am he, when the opportunity arises, will fly and forever go.

I am the fastidious and at times fabulous friend of the felines

I am nostalgic, romantic and have seen my Auld Lang Synes,

Whatever else I am, I am a hubby to Amy, a daddy to Isabella

I am he who will be writing as my imagination can ever tell ya!

I am he...

Written by Gary Cox 02/25/ God be the glory

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