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Here In Yellowstone

I am here in Yellowstone

I am now returning home,

A land so fair and free

So much to do and see

I am here in Yellowstone.

A river is here in Yellowstone

This water will never be alone,

Cutthroat trout were first

Swimming with their thirst

Swimming here in Yellowstone.

The skies are blue in Yellowstone

The eagles will never be alone,

They fly above the land

In circles and in a band

The eagles hunt in Yellowstone.

The buffalo stands tall in Yellowstone

Upon the grass, they freely all will roam,

They gather in their herds

They gallop upon the Earth

They are a symbol of the Yellowstone.

The ground is warm in Yellowstone

With geysers to the tourist shone,

Old Faithful is viewed the most

And many now can boast

Of their time spent in Yellowstone.

The winter is alive in Yellowstone

Ice rules instead of water foam,

Bears hibernate in the caves

Wolves hunt on frozen plains

Blinding white covers Yellowstone.

Oh, I am now leaving Yellowstone

In my heart, another new poem,

A song is stirring there

A land so wild and fair

I sing this song for all of Yellowstone.

Written by Gary Cox 03/30/ God be the glory

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