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Ascending the Stairs

I am humbled by the stories that I am getting to be a part of

I try to pour into each encounter a measure of God’s love,

I do not understand the order of things or all of the why’s

But understanding tends to come with wisdom, I now realize.

If you are getting to know me at this juncture by circumstance

I am happily married to a warrior, she is my rock and romance,

Still, my heart has many chambers and many ways to then uplift

I praise the Lord for my poetry, my passion and His mighty gift.

Many I now meet, I will only get to know from the words on a page

This is ok, because there can be trepidation when one is on stage,

I come to you with no agenda, no worries and with an expectation

We can help each other navigate towards our eternal destination.

When the enemy attacks, I have your backs and will fervently pray

I will sing with you a chorus when the Lord comes to take us away,

Do not give up and if it is part of the Lord’s perfect and holy plan

Then you will get to look back, reflect and at last truly understand.

It has been quite the journey; a trek and a gloriously soulful ride

You will find that your labors are rewarded, you are in the Bride!

Just like the boxer from Philadelphia that ascends the many stairs

You will find a rest and a reward from your many pains and cares!

Written by Gary Cox 9/24/2019. To God be the Glory!

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