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A Feast Of Tears

If there are those who feed on pain, there comes a feast

A world war to destroy the old order, usher in the beast,

The weapons of war are more advanced, out of control

They will soon destroy not in the part, but in the whole.

The rhetoric will laud the value of this exercise in dying

The sadists get their fill while mothers are goodbying,

The Marxists planned this a long time ago and will pass

What remains is likely to a cesspool and a moral morass.

If there was ever a time that we needed a savior ‘tis now

Without divine intervention, we will not make it somehow,

To say that I am just a casual observer is simply not true

I have since served as a patriot for the red, white and blue.

While there is a profit to be made from the suffering of men

The drums of the war machine will beat loudly once again,

I think of the lyrics to the hauntingly sad song Mother’s pride

Wondering if the bankers ever once cared for those who died.

I say this prayer in the hope my words will come to naught

A crisis can be averted without another bloody battle fought,

If you are awake and desire to make this an anthem and a song

May the Prince of Peace come, in whom we have waited so long.

Written by Gary Cox 12/28/ God be the glory

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