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Rhythmic Recreational Recitals

I am writing these words within my spirit to let them go

They are the medicine for me and I know that this is so,

We are in the middle of a front called an arctic clipper

It is a time to stay indoors before the end of the winter.

I am glad my Amy shall be at home with us for three days

I miss her greatly and am longing to be in her orbit always,

I do my best to keep Bella entertained and right on track

With the exception of perhaps a sibling, she is not in lack.

I read of each of your stories and the part I have played

I am grateful for the part in my journey you have parlayed,

The completion of the construction of the lake lot is near

It shall so be left to our Isabella, who will hold this so dear.

There is another poem to write and I invite you to look

Within the poetry pavilion, I get to craft another book,

You all catch a fish and bake a dish that is so tantalizing

I say a prayer and with great care, I am still downsizing.

We will be saying goodbye to our faithful feline, Mr. Leo

He is still suffering and this fight must end now, I know,

It makes me happy when each of you posts a new friend

A furry one in such a hurry one that blesses you, amen.

My words dance much better than my hips , n’est pas?

On rare occasions, I sing as if I were still at Mardi Gras,

The page draws to a close and so shall my poem, too,

Let say once again as a friend and brother, I love you!

Gary Cox 02/13/ God be the glory

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