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Versatile Psalmist 64.0

I Cry Out

O Lord, as the schemes of evil men are overflowing

Take me to be with You, wherever you are now going,

Although my enemies have planned for my demise

Foil their wicked plans and give to them a surprise.

You have seen me all of my days; I have shown mercy

Be merciful now and send your angels to rescue me,

For the seals of Revelation are being broken and loosed

The watchmen have warned and goats without excuse.

To think that I have lived to see days such as now exist

Where a person can be controlled by a chip in the wrist,

I hope very soon that this veil of idolatry is forever lifted

You gather Your wheat after the chaff of men are sifted.

Written by Gary Cox 03/07/2020, to God be the glory

For dark is the day and late in the age of men is the hour

Show all men once and for all who truly wields the power,

Let the Earth know true justice as it was in the days of old

Refine us in Your fire as if we were a treasure of pure gold!

Then let us who have been faithful sing for You a new song

Let the flowers of heaven and the angelic host sing along,

May our joy be complete and every one of Your words true

Glory to God in the highest and let us loudly shout, Alleluia!

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