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A Collection of Poems by

Gary the Poet's Pen

Writings Inspired by the Lord and Imagination

Welcome to the Poet's Pen Collection Blog!  My name is Gary and I hope you will visit here often and are inspired and blessed by my some of my life's passion and calling from the Lord! Please check out each of my categories of poems below for my author's comments about each type first and then enjoy my blog sorted by each category!  If you have a poem request or want to message me, please fill out the contact form on the contact me page and let me know your thoughts.


If you are a fellow poet and would like to have one of your pieces featured here, please get in touch via the Guest Poet tab links below!  Thanks and God bless! 


Image by Denise Johnson
Image by Kelly Sikkema
If you would like to contribute to this poetry ministry, all funds will be further donated as the Lord directs me to worthy causes all over the world! You can either through my Patreon.  Feel free to share on facebook as well :) Thanks!  Hugs and coffee mugs! God bless! Gary
Notebook and Pen
Detail of Sheet Music
Image by Jack Sharp
Image by Paul Green
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