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Versatile Psalmist 88.0

There is a poem written about a man who has lost his faith

He longs to hear audibly from the Lord and what He saith,

This man lies on his death bed and has no song of praise

Remembering the futility of his younger and wilder days.

What will he now give for a touch from the Giver of his life?

There is no mention given if he has children or even a wife,

This is one of the least remembered or cherished Bible verse(s)

Psalm twenty three seems to be the one that is well rehearsed.

Did this man store up the word of the Lord as his treasure?

Did he give generously with great mercy and great measure?

Why does he doubt his destination when his time is so short?

What can we do to ensure at the end we have a better report?

Psalm eighty eight seems to be the thoughts of a dying man

Who ignored the calling on his life and went with his own plan,

I hope that all who are reading my verses and my summation

Daily seek the Lord while He may be found without hesitation!

Written by Gary Cox 10/14/2020, to God be the glory

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