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Versatile Psalmist 68.0

A Peace Of Praise

O Lord, even in the midst of our suffering, anguish and pain

Bring Your righteous children to be with You once again,

Let the ones who work quietly with their hands be blessed

While the satraps are thrown into a fire and stay distressed.

Let now the singers spend their time proclaiming Your glory

Thanking You for rescuing us from our own depraved story,

You became the sacrifice for our iniquity and then atoned

You have come to bring justice on those who have stoned.

You have come down from Your holy habitation to abide

To rule over the nations and in the New Jerusalem reside,

You shall recreate the Earth into a place where we abound

Hymns of great joy and the patter of children is the sound.

No more shall there be warfare, corruption or endless striving

We are as gardeners in a verdant canvas that is now thriving,

You shall get the glory and the honor for it was by Your might

That You spoke the heavens into existence and are THE Light.

Forgotten will be the things of old, except Your scarred hands

These will remain so that all of Your creation truly understands,

That to be a servant and a caretaker of Your garden is doing well

As we bring glory and joy to You, O Lord and our King, Emmanuel!

Written by Gary Cox 04/01/2020, to God be the glory

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