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Versatile Psalmist 50.0

The Gathering

The mighty God, from the throne room of Mt. Zion, there in Israel

Speaks words of life to those with ears to hear, longing to be well,

He mightily proclaims His perfect statutes that are holy and divine

He causes His will to multiply and like a beacon He truly does shine.

He will say this to the traditions of men and their continual sacrifice

Your idolatry is more vulgar to Me than a stench of bloody parasites,

I will gather the saints into My abode and call them forever My own

In the New Jerusalem shall they dwell and we shall make it our home.

Then all of the Earth will tremble as the angels gather their sickles

The sealed of the Lamb shall see the chafe processed like pickles,

No more shall the lust of the flesh determine the course of a leader

A newborn babe will be a blessing and the mother desire to feed her.

The many child sacrifices via abortion shall be a relic from the past

All shall be quick to observe holiness and to obey the King at last,

Have you made your decision to which group it is that you belong?

Will you be the subject of a dirge or instead sing with us a new song?

Written by Gary Cox 09/10/2020, to God be the glory

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