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Versatile Psalmist 43.0

Let Us Get Ready

There are sixty million witnesses crying out or justice

They would have been born and lived now among us,

To appease an entity who is forever hungry for pain

Abortion became the law and Sodom is thriving again.

Judge me, Lord, and see if I should be counted worthy

To escape a nation who is at war with You in enmity,

I have tried to warn others to repent with my verses

Pleasure is the language of the land, money in purses.

I desire to be removed from this place and be with You

Sing a song of pure adoration with other voices so true,

This lawlessness of carnality has an end to be destroyed

When You break the seals and justice is at last deployed.

How much longer, O Lord, will your innocent ones suffer?

Is it time now to rumble in the voice of Michael Buffer?

Written by Gary Cox 01/17/2020, to God be the glory

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