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Versatile Psalmist 32.0

My Daily Bread

Quite happy are those who walk away from their daily sin

Receiving The Lord’s grace and the life contained therein,

Blessed are those who daily guard their ears and their eyes

There is a hidden agenda in the world system that few realize.

To be counted as among the saints are those who truly care

Among their stores of purity and plenty, they faithfully share,

Wisdom will follow those who are studying the holy scrolls

A sanctified and a set apart life from them soon follows.

We will be able to navigate the trials of life and overcome

Being gathered into the Lord’s barn when life here is done,

Blessed are those who respect and guard the sanctity of life

Never once removing children with a surgeon’s skilled knife.

Blessed are those who live as a true example of their belief

They will be steadfast in the night and overcome their grief,

Blessed are they that tend their own gardens with their might

Minding their own business and in simple things, take delight.

Blessed are they whose shoes will be used to explore oceans

More blessed still are those who are diligent in their devotions,

Blessed are those who tend the Earth with their toil and care

I praise the Lord for the botanists and the florists everywhere!

At times, it will be necessary to close a chapter within the book

Moving on is a way to avoid a painful snare, like a fish on a hook,

Have you arrived at a place where the welfare of others matters?

Are your words humble and few, or are you obsessed by banters?

Healing is so much more than a sensation or a powerful feeling

Holding on to bitterness is a poison that from you is a stealing,

Many can prescribe their recipes for healing with their potions

Healing is a gift that is more priceless than salves or lotions.

I do not offer you snake oils, expensive perfumes or any elixirs

Of the enemy sin and its stresses, be like one of the seventy-sixers,

Make your declaration of independence, putting your faith in Christ

Receive your healing of the soul today and declare, THIS IS SO NICE!

Written by Gary Cox 08/27/2019….to God be the glory

Inspired by Psalm 32

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