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Versatile Psalmist 108.0

The Days Of The King

O Lord, let there be a song heard, may I compose this verse

Singing praises to You, who has redeemed us from the curse,

Let the drums making a booming and a shaking in the land

Let the trumpets sound so all of the peoples thus understand.

May the violinists rosin up their strings with style and finesse

May the woodwinds follow along and may all play their best,

We were chosen out from among the world, which is now cast

The days of the suffering of sin have ended and are now past.

The Lord rightly divided the hearts of all men with His word

Recording the deeds and remembering the words He heard,

He examined the motives of all and kept for heaven the pure

His judgment is eternally recorded; of this you may be sure.

Those who practiced iniquity, only thinking of self to please

In a moment of synchronicity, are now cut off like a disease,

The children may now play outside without a mask or a care

Gardens abound in plentiful splendor with enough to share.

The days of the King are arrived, have you made your choice?

While you still have free will, are you using your inner voice?

All of the Earth is His good pleasure to divide among his own

Giving it to His holy children, whose joy and kindness shown.

Written by Gary Cox 12/09/ God be the glory

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