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Versatile Psalmist 104.0

The Nascent Nature

O how marvelous are thy works in the Earth

I have observed them now since my birth,

To gaze at the birds that float high in the sky

Looking for their prey while they freely fly.

To know that One so much greater than me

Has designed all of nature that there is to see,

The water evaporates and in due season falls

Sometimes in mists while in others mighty walls.

To study the formation of a forest and flower

To sample its nectar so sweet and not sour,

To be in harmony with all of the wild fauna

Is the season in Your new summer and sauna.

To listen to the wind making many melodies

To swim with the dolphins playing in the seas,

To smell an orchard of oranges ripe to pick

To hide yourself in a canopy of pines so thick.

Observing the cheetahs gliding to catch a gazelle

Is a masterpiece of motion that Newton could tell,

You created all of this, O Lord, as a garden to tend

Forever renewing our lives as a circle without end.

I sing by faith when arises a new and glorious day

When You return to renew us and without decay,

Until then, we should strive to occupy and keep

Our hearts girded within a wall, strong and deep.

In sing for You, O Lord and let my voice magnify

The King of Kings who restores all things on high!

Written by Gary Cox 11/23/ God be the glory

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