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The Princess And The Pony Meet Derrick The Dalmation

Penelope was away at the royal grooming shop

Trimming her hooves so they would go clip clop,

So Princess Zoe was singing with a tiny meadowlark

When all of a sudden, she heard a frantic, deep bark.

Help me, help me; the skunks are chasing me

Said a dog who was running quite vigorously,

So the princess pursued the dog via the scent

Until they escaped the skunks and were spent.

Who are you, asked Zoe, as the pungent dog panted?

I am Derrick the Dalmatian and I have been transplanted,

I was chasing the skunks and I have gotten really lost

Would you help me get home, no matter the cost?

Princess Zoe said that she would be happy to aid and assist

Derrick reeked of an odor that was impossible to dismiss,

Usually I can track my way home with my canine nose

Having been thus sprayed, where home is no one knows.

Zoe thought about this and noticed Derrick’s tail wags

Then remembered that beloved dogs often wore tags,

So Zoe led Derrick home and both needed a hot bath

After dealing with the skunks and their smelly aftermath.

Zoe’s mother hugged her and then tucked her into bed

I am proud of you helping Derrick and using your head,

Perhaps you can invite Derrick to come over and play?

Please stay away from the skunks whenever you are away.

My children, you will encounter many skunks as well

They may pretend to like, but beware of their smell,

Give them a wide berth and always just let them be

Or to the bath you will go just like Derrick and Zoe!

Written by Gary Cox 10/15/2014 from the Princess and the Pony Collection

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