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Surviving In My Four Wheel Drive

Well a man comes on the six o clock news

Says there is a vaccine I better not refuse,

Old Gates states free will is a relic of the past

I better get in line and I better get there fast.

Hey son, is it possible that this all just a hoax?

A tool to enslave mankind by powerful folks?

What the hell do you know about my DNA?

Who elected you to be my potentate anyway?

Return to your mansion and just leave me alone

I will not be a trans human, a cyborg or a clone,

You see, I have overcome wars and much trouble

I do not need a doppelgänger or a body double.

What was your spouse doing in the lab in Duhan?

With Fauci and Obama, was this part of the plan?

I feel safe when I am in the woods hunting a deer

I do not need your approval or opinion to be here.

There’s a singer with a shotgun and foul wheel drive

Who sang us a song about what it takes to survive,

Go steal another invention, make a mural on a wall

As for me and my kinfolk, we will overcome after all!

Written by Gary Cox 12/17/ God be the glory

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