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Jeep Jeep

We were both looking for a sense of whimsy and adventure

We bought it together; it ain’t new and it ain’t cheap,

It was a long time in coming and a rather toilsome venture

I am pleased when we get to take a drive in our Jeep.

Just like our bodies, the Jeep was in need of some care

It is a capable rig that is equipped with a four wheel drive,

It is a pleasure to enjoy the journey from here to there

It will now handle the winter squalls and help keep us alive.

We have not yet named our conveyance, but will in time

Listening to Bella squeal with delight is music to the soul,

It is the star in the night sky, but not a lemon to a lime

I may not have been incomplete, but I feel more whole.

Life is a lot grander with a properly equipped over lander

My emotions are clear on this subject and they run deep,

If mother nature is a female, you want to understand her

Hit the trail and without fail, find your way behind a Jeep!

Written by Gary Gox 10/10/2019...for the explorer in all of us!

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