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In Beulah Land Once Again

I awake to the relaxing sounds of nature and I wonder

If there is also beauty in the lightning and the thunder,

As I view a plant that is being tended to by a butterfly

I long to have gilded wings and among the flowers fly.

I notice that the fields of grain dance among the breeze

The branches sway and commune within the many trees,

The wild and wonderful waltz of the natural is a symphony

Made by a Creator who also saw fit to create a man like me.

With our five senses, we tend to believe that we are alone

Is it for our defenses, we are not fully aware of our home?

Are there whispers of hope and worship among creation?

That longs for a day of fulfillment and total celebration.

I praise the Lord when I stop to consider the fertile fields

A harvest of hallelujahs and sustenance that this yields,

There is currently much activity that must be now done

In order to have a day of relaxation and rest under the sun.

Along the way of your journey to arrive at where this ends

Will you sing with nightingales and make them your friends?

Do you admire the bees and allow them to make their honey?

Or simply view this as a source of enterprise to obtain money?

I hear his music on the acoustic guitar and sing along whenever

I refer to a man who loved the outdoors by the name of Denver,

I hope that in the kingdom to come there are many joyful hours

And that the sound of music rains down with renewing powers.

So sing along and bring along your smiles, joys and attitudes

Rejoice in the beauty of creation and what this then exudes,

Little butterfly, within the meadows of the mountains high

There you will find many a man as humble and simple as I.

Can you hear it and are you in the Spirit, let us now rejoice

With one heart and one mind, let us lift up to God our voice,

Hallelujah, hallelujah, we return to the garden once again

There in Beulah Land, walking with the Lord in love, amen!

Written by Gary Cox 10/23/2019 to God be the glory

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