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If She Knew What She Wants Circa 2021

We were four young ladies, trying to find fame in a band

We soon found ourselves on TV via American Bandstand,

We benefitted from the videos that were played on MTV

There is an endless debate about who is the most pretty.

We all wrote and tried to emote our feelings on the stage

Our influences were varied from Janis Joplin to Jimmy Page,

We started out as two sisters and a shy waif named Suzanna

In our own unique way, we can rock it out as well as Santana.

We added a bass player or two; we were soon out on a tour

We were as likely to say hello mate as proclaiming bonjour,

We made you dance via circumstance dressed as Egyptians

More than just pretty faces, we were respected as musicians.

Fueled by the media’s need to gossip, slander and thus divide

We gave up on ourselves and let the group go down the slide,

We were so much more than pretty decorations or bangles

It is a shame that life can create twisted twirls and tangles.

We are older now and unlike the musicians today, play it live

We have families and at times maladies, but can rock a vibe,

We know not whether we will continue as an eternal flame

But we made some noise with the boys and played the game!

Written by Gary Cox 05/06/ God be the glory

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