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A Love Potion Of Pure Devotion

Some only search for love in the measure of a body

Others are only amorous in the power of a hot toddy,

I have a woman who makes me feel loved and happy

I know some of you will find my words here too sappy.

I cannot say for sure what this feeling called love is

But like soda pop, the flavor is contained in the fizz,

Do not ask me for the recipe, you will know the brew

It is strong and potent and can only be found by two.

The eighties were a decade of ballads about romance

Getting cheek to cheek under the spell of a slow dance,

You will find her simply irresistible and hot to the touch

Do not be absent for too long or let her miss you much.

I do not have the patent or the ability to make love last

Part of the key is to be the real you, letting go of the past,

When all thoughts of yesterday fade far away, be blessed

Heal in her love and in the crucible, you passed the test!

Written by Gary Cox for my wife Amy, 05/06/ God be the glory

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