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A Family Of Grateful Givers

Such fantastic diversity, this family overcomes much adversity

I perceive in them so much more wisdom than at a university,

One to climb the poles, looking for dangers, faults and shorts

One to look for opportunities to give while countering retorts.

It amazes me that this amount of love is contained in a home

This family has inspired me to write down this rhyming poem

I shall not mention any specific names to allow for discretion

In their pursuit of the welfare of others, they are perfection.

If you are fortunate enough to have the courage to contribute

This mother of many mouths to feed will gratefully distribute,

He is the anchor, the captain and the wind beneath her wings

She is the facilitator and moderator of many wonderful things.

Do not look to the pages of a magazine or the media for them

In the books found within heaven, you will see simply an amen,

If no such family of charity exists where you do currently reside

Will you then take a leap of faith; within His perfect will abide?

If the members of this clan of givers are bricks, love is the glue

A beautiful monument to honor the Lord is being built by two,

Marriage is so much more than a piece of paper and ceremony

I honor their union of matrimony, having become one and only.

Rest well, oh tiny family, I say this truly that you are not alone

Be blessed as well; you are a homily, a parable in this poem,

A gift of life can be found in the waterways and in the rivers

A man and his wife resound in this family of grateful givers!

Written by Gary Cox 03/17/ God be the glory

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